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go fit win- cheerleading and dance tutorials and online cheer classes
Go Fit Win

I'm Neeley, a former NFL cheerleader and the Founder of Go Fit Win. 

I retired from the NFL sidelines over 10 years ago. After over 2 decades in the cheer and dance industry, I put my poms on the shelf. Now, as a career woman, wife, and mother of 4 (including triplets!) I felt the need to reconnect with the part of me that I've been missing, and plug back into a community of like-minded leaders in action. It's time to get those poms off the shelf!

I kicked off Go Fit Win to reclaim the joy of performing, dancing, learning challenging choreography, and staying connected to a sisterhood through dance and cheer. If you're like me, ESPECIALLY NOW, I need a reason to cut loose, feel inspired, and take a mental break to focus on choreography instead of chaos for while!

With Go Fit Win, it's about more than just shaking your poms. It's about staying in touch with YOUR PASSION, YOUR SQUAD and living FULL OUT with joy and connection, even when life gets REAL.

I'm so glad you're here to join me in this journey! Let's stay on point together- just because we're retired, doesn't mean we're expired!