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Online Choreography, Classes & Connection for Women Who Love Cheer and Dance

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Choreography & Routines That Put You Right Back in the Game

Get your blood pumping with workouts that feel like you're back at squad practice.

You'll learn counted choreography step by step in our online tutorials. Break a mental sweat with our full game day cheer and pom routines , as well as sideline dance combos that will kick your cardio up a notch.

Practice and perform full out with us! We'll even give you a custom playlist you can launch on Spotify! 

Feel Like the "Old You" Again

You remember that full out feeling - working out, dancing and feeling fit while performing with your friends by your side.

Now, in the midst of all the adulting - it seems your dance fitness choices just fall short.

It's time to rekindle your passion for cheer and dance, with a workout and a squad that just gets you.

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Reconnect With Women Like You

We get you. Adult responsibilities are hard - and making adult friends can be even harder.

Step back into your zone, and link arms with a squad of like-minded women who are here to lift you up (not literally) - but certainly in every other way.


  • Join our squad - Reunite with the sisters, activities and life you love
  • Choreography, Classes and Events - Workout at home with online choreography & routines, Perform with the squad at a pop-up classes, and Stay plugged into a community & life you love!
  • Live Full Out - Reconnect with the part of you that's been missing


Each month, you'll receive...

  • FRESH CHOREOGRAPHY - 1 Full Game Day Routine & 1 Cardio Sideline Combo each month - taught step-by-step by former professional cheerleaders and dancers! PLUS, access to the video library of all the previous routines and sideline combos
  • MUSIC TO DANCE TO - Each month, you'll get a new custom mix and a fresh cardio playlist! The custom mixes are included for the full Game Day routines, so you can go full out! You'll also get a new custom cardio playlist that you can launch on spotify to practice the sideline combos!
  • IMMEDIATE FULL ACCESS to the entire video library, with previous full game day routines, sideline dance combos, and 25 - 45 min. squad practice workouts, led by our Go Fit Win contributing choreographers for as long as you are a member.
  • LIVE & VIRTUAL CLASSES - LIVE pop-up classes each month on our instagram feed with dynamic cardio sidelines! We'll email you the schedule for classes held each month.


  • OPTIONAL TEXT COMMUNITY - As a member, you can join our exclusive text community for updates! You can opt to have the new routines & material sent right to your phone, without having to log into the portal for each new release.
  • WORKSHOPS & EVENTS - You'll be first to know about events & workshop opportunities for more face time with the squad that goes beyond just shaking our poms.
  • DISCOUNTED RATES - to attend our local live classes and events, including Fired Up! Grown Up Cheer Camp
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, the opportunity to meet and form meaningful relationships with other members in our community, who are just plain fabulous - like you!



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Go Fit Win is filling a void I was missing since retiring from dance and cheer. Now as a pom coach, I enjoy teaching students and seeing them light up, but there were many days that I wanted to pick up my poms and perform again. I'm so glad to have found this resource, to dance and reclaim that "full out" feeling again.

— Taryn L.


Why Go Fit Win?

Women who love cheer and dance are tired of being told to "let it go". Go Fit Win offers online choreography, pop-up squad practices, and adult cheer camp for women who want to reconnect with themselves, their squad, and the joy they feel when they dance, cheer and live life full out!